As passive Smoking becomes active

It's irritating when smoke at bus stops, on the benches next to the children, in the café at the next table? Despite numerous administrative bans on Smoking in public places no one observes everywhere shows disrespect to non-smokers around. Let me please you a bit more and you will start to smoke, and the smoke doesn't need to bother.

National Institute on problems of drug dependence, the US conducted the study, which was subjected to magnetic resonance imaging of the brain of passive smokers. It was found that an hour of passive Smoking in our brain changes the primary reaction to the smoke.

Previously, it was believed that passive Smoking affects children and adolescents only as a bad example, now scientists claim that passive Smoking susceptibility to cigarette is born at the biological level.

M.D. Arthur Brody says that the hour of passive Smoking provides the poisoning of the brain nicotine to such an extent that the brain changes the scheme of the reaction so the reaction to nicotine connect the centers of pleasure and the habit of pleasant sensations from tobacco smoke.

Judge for yourself - to make a comment presumptuous smoker in a public place, even if you are afraid to run into rudeness, or even become the same as he in a little while. Remember, you have the right to breathe clean air!

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