As it turned out, in order to lose weight should abandon Breakfast

From the message, Business Standard has learned that the researcher D. Cornell found that if not for Breakfast several times a week, you can lose weight. Everyone knows that eating in the morning is important for maintaining good health and shape, Cornell does not think so.

As said the researcher, this procedure will not motivate the consumption of large quantities of food per day. He does not deny that hunger can and even will increase, and the number of calories will not change, which will lead to weight loss over time.

In order not theory words did not remain unsubstantiated, it was decided to conduct an experiment. The group of participants was divided in half. One part was constantly fed Breakfast, and the second was left without food in the morning. It was necessary to clarify what amount of food is eaten by people per day.

In the end, it was found that those study participants who did not have Breakfast, had a great sense of hunger, but it did not affect the amount of food they ate during the day, and the number of calories per day was less at 408, than those who ate Breakfast.

As it turned out to control and maintain weight Breakfast is of no small significance.

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