As it is easier to transfer the heat

Despite the fact that most people look forward to summer, after the temperature rises above 30°C, the heat of the summer day and night is a daunting challenge for many, the question arises as to transfer heat. But if you prepare for it, to be able to defend itself, the dangerous effects of exhausting summer heat on the body can be avoided.

First of all, outdoors under direct sunlight, you need to protect your head. Need to wear hats, and it is very important that they were made from natural materials. Be sure to carry a bottle of menthol oil. If you have overheated and felt bad, drop the tool, put on whisky will have a refreshing effect and can endure the heat.

An indispensable condition in the heat is the consumption of large quantities of water. Do not drink any allegedly refreshing, fizzy drinks, they will not quench thirst, and will increase it, and will add to your stored calories in the body. Regularly recommended to drink only pure water throughout the day, whenever you feel thirsty. Avoid coffee and alcoholic drinks, because they accelerate dehydration.

But water is useful in the summer heat and green tea without added sugar. Quench your thirst diluted juices, especially celery juice. To restore the electrolyte balance of the body drink lemon juice, diluted with water in proportion 1:10. In addition, a large number of vitamin C will strengthen the body, will reduce such possible consequences of heat, like a headache or General lethargy.

When it is hot outside you should not include in your diet of fatty and salty food. Prefer the first dishes such as beetroot soup, okroshka or green soup. Meat and fish should be eaten in cooked form. You need to eat less pasta and more variety of fruits and vegetables.

As for the clothing, then make sure that she was the bright colors, spacious, not hampering made from natural fabrics.

After street heat cool shower or at least regular washing will help to remove fatigue. But it is best to take a contrast shower several times a day. If there is no air conditioning, and night heat interferes with sleep, for at least half an hour will extend the time night's rest. Stop Soi choice on silk or linen. In hot weather it is not recommended to actively engage in sports, to avoid the load on the heart.

If you follow these simple tips and with respect to their own health, you can easily transfer the heat of summer, without the stress of shock on your own body.

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