As evidenced by the increase in temperature before the birth?

Quite often in pregnant women before childbirth, the body temperature rises. What it means and whether or not to panic ahead of time? In General, let's talk about women.

The temperature of the body before birth - a common phenomenon and increased attention to itself does not require, but when you encounter the slightest doubt about the state of health of pregnant women should consult a physician leading the pregnancy, because such a condition may be a precursor to the development of serious diseases.

As a rule, the temperature before the birth increased by no more than 0.5 - 1.0 degree. In anticipation of childbirth fever is not considered. Often the cause of rising temperatures is the use of anesthetics or the stress of the approaching childbirth. Such phenomena are usually dangerous for your body is not present.

The temperature rise caused by the presence in the body of a woman one way or another infection, more disturbing signal. Infectious diseases, colds, chronic diseases of the genitourinary and other systems can not only weaken the body pregnant woman, but also harm the health of the baby.

Temperature can be a sign of infection of the placenta or amniotic ikoti. Infection of the uterus, they pose a grave risk to the life of both the child and his mother. When getting such an infection in the blood of the fetus will be infected. Infection in the uterus is a frequent cause of premature beginning of labor. The infected before the birth mother of a child can be born with pneumonia, bacteremia or meningitis. Upon detection of infection in the uterus of a pregnant woman should undergo treatment, which involves antibiotics. Only you can neutralize the threat to the life of the woman and her child.

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In such a delicate matter, as the product of the light of a new life, all the same, it should be safe, so that if the infection is not to blame themselves for what has ignored the signal of the body. When the temperature before the birth you need to visit a doctor and take all necessary tests to ensure that your baby and his mother is not in danger.

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