Artificial tanning is an alternative to tanning

Along with a Solarium and other ways that help to create and save throughout the year Golden skin color, fashion is tan. Tanning refers to special tools that allow you to repaint the top layer of the skin. This method of acquisition of sun is recommended for people with very light and very sensitive skin that cannot tolerate natural tan, but still want to look tanned. Do not forget that the action of tanning cream strictly individual and depends on the characteristics of the skin. Some species such way sun can dry the skin. Therefore, beauticians recommend specially during the week to prepare for applying self-tan and nourish your skin with a moisturizing means.

Tan, like any cosmetic procedure, requires compliance with certain rules. All of them must be specified in the instructions, but there are some General recommendations:

- definitely before application it is necessary to examine the impact of tools on a small area of skin; hair on those areas where you plan to use bronzer, it is desirable to remove;- before applying the bronzer is recommended to take a shower or bath the body should be clean and thoroughly watertime; means for tanning spread from the bottom up, from the feet to the shoulders, a thin uniform layer. Knees, elbows and ankles are very sensitive to tanning, so in these places it is necessary to apply a very thin layer;- when applying for tanning on the face should get round lips and eyelids;- after the application of the tool should be well absorbed. Within half an hour (and even better in a few hours) clothes to wear is not recommended;- to maintain a constant hue can be upgraded tan in 3-4 days;- after applying self tan, be sure to wash hands thoroughly.

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If there is a fear that the first time to apply bronzer evenly will not work, it is better to ask for this procedure to professionals in the beauty salon. By the way, these fans tanning can use this tool not only to give the skin a beautiful Golden hue, and visually to correct some flaws. For example, you can visually slimmer and smoother legs. A similar effect is achieved by alternating lighter and darker areas of the skin. But with such things better yourself not to experiment.

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