Artificial memory card, which can block memories

Mit scientists have developed and then successfully implemented in the brain of laboratory rodents artificial memory, which were made by local experts.

With implant scientists had planned to get the opportunity to implement in memory of rodents for more information. In particular, you may have to change the view about the events that happened in the past.

The card operates on the basis of the light signals. Thus, scientists have generated positive memories from the past rodents and then using tazers tried to make it some changes. The trial was a success and as a result the place before changes caused positive emotions and affection, after the changes was to scare laboratory rodents.

At the moment the scientists continue to conduct tests on rodents, but they have begin to conceive what is the effect of artificial memory card can affect a person. According to them, it can be used if necessary lock psychological trauma or habits, negatively affecting the health and life of man.

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