Artificial meat - a panacea for world hunger

Was recently created the world's first hamburger meat which was created on the basis of muscle fibers cows grown in biological laboratories. People who never tasted a hamburger, noted the dryness of the meat and the lack of strong meat flavor, writes The New York Times.

Created this Burger doctor Maastricht University - Post mark. In his opinion, artificial meat can be a real panacea for world hunger and will help to preserve the nature. The doctor notes that the technology is not perfect and needs substantial revision to enter the market. The main problem today is the high cost of cultivation of muscle fibers. The sum of $ 30 for a pound of meat too much.

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The project is directly linked to genetic engineering, its cost is $ 325000. The majority of costs are covered Sergey Brin, one of Google's founders. To create one patties for Burger went 20000 muscle fibers that are grown on the basis of muscle cells present cows. This meat is always contained the proportion of fat, developed in the laboratory there is no fat at all. It is worth noting that the production of such a product harm to the environment is not applied.

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