Artificial initiation of childbirth is one of the reasons complications

The University of Adelaide was established: "Popular today, the practice of artificially induce generic activities entail serious complications".

Rosalie, Grivell a doctor from the Robinson Institute at the University this conclusion was made after analyzed the data of more than 28 thousand births in South Australia in the period from 2006 to 2007.

"Comparison were subjected to cases initiated by premature birth, who had a relationship with medical reasons, initiated preterm birth without medical case and childbirth, which began spontaneously. In comparison with the last group of women woman of the 2nd group (67 percent more were eventually forced to go through surgery caesarean section", - the newspaper writes

Also this is on a 64 percent increased likelihood that the child after birth will be taken to a specialized hospital, and 44 percent observed risk increase is necessary for carrying out procedures for additional treatment. Scientists estimate, less any complications among women who gave birth in a natural way, while they themselves childbirth began, as it should be at 38-39 weeks of pregnancy.

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