Artificial bone marrow is not inferior to the present - scientists

A group of scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, tübingen and max Planck developed a synthetic analogue of the bone marrow. Scientists got the porous matrix, which can be used for growing stem cells. As a result of artificial bone marrow, which is not inferior bone marrow present. At the moment this development is the hope of oncologists regarding effective treatment of leukemia, according to The Indian Times.

OK all blood cells are gradually replaced. The process of death and formation of new cells occurs constantly. When leukemia disrupted this process, which is affected bone marrow. His transplant helps the patients to find a new life.

In the laboratory, scientists have recreated the biological matrix, repeating the structure of the bone marrow. The basis of the entered building protein that has the ability to attract stem cells. In the protein mesh is completely covered with a cellular component. After a few days of artificial bone marrow began to function.

It should be noted that it is not always doctors have the ability to find a donor for a sick person. Development, which includes stem cells, will help to cope with the resulting problem.

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