Artificial blood for transfusion will be ready in two years

British scientists have developed in the laboratories of artificial blood, however, requires two years of testing before it will be allowed for transfusion man, and will save millions of lives. Cancer patients, patients who need heart transplants, and others need a large quantity of blood, so the artificial blood will solve a huge public health problem.

Blood is created from stem cells, does not contain infections ( as opposed to blood), and can be transfused to anyone, regardless of blood type.

The team from Edinburgh and Bristol universities have made billions of red blood cells and stem cells of the bone marrow, but this is not enough for a transfusion. You want speed reproduction of the blood of a human embryo in order to create a sufficient amount of material.

However, scientists believe that in 20 years the laboratory will be able to produce two million pints of artificial blood annually. That will completely satisfy the medical needs of the UK. To recreate the blood will be used embryos ceterach-five days of age, remaining after IVF. Although the project met the criticism of the legality of the use of human embryos as "structural material", artificial blood will save in the future millions of lives, because it will become a "universal donor", suitable for transfusion 98 percent of the population of the globe.

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