Arthrosis of the knee joint

One of the common diseases of the 21st century is osteoarthritis. Millions of people suffer from this disease. Osteoarthritis affects the soft bone tissue that covers the surface of joints. Therefore, this disease should be treated with complete seriousness and responsibility, knowing what the consequences might be. As a rule, in most cases, osteoarthritis affects the knee joint. At risk of this disease can also be hip and vertebral joints.

Statistics have shown that osteoarthritis of the knee for the most part can develop due to strenuous exercise, this is especially true for athletes. In addition, joint injuries contribute to the development of osteoarthritis, overweight, which causes stress on the joints and different kinds of genetic abnormalities associated with congenital disease of the joints and bones. Knee arthritis can develop when bone soft tissues lose their flexibility and elasticity, which leads to the thinning of the articular cartilage and small cracks on it.

The first sign of this terrible disease - it's a sharp cutting pain in the affected location. A patient with osteoarthritis pain becomes stronger during intense physical exertion, as well as when walking. Notice the arthrosis of the knee joint is easy, when moving the affected area starts flowing out, and the joint increases in volume. Osteoarthritis progresses very quickly and over time, the joint may be generally fixed. Therefore, as soon as the patient will feel the first signs of this disease, you must proteinatious, because at the initial stage to cure arthritis much easier.

To restore knee joint is a complex treatment. Of course, the initial stage provide a more conservative approach. To start docked pain, and the knee joint is freed completely from the physical effects on him. Thus, blocks the development of the disease. To relieve the inflammatory process of the knee joint are prescribed steroid creams and pills. Patients who are overweight, it is recommended to use a crutch or cane, to reduce the load on this area. For the treatment of osteoarthritis recommended intensive physiotherapy, which gives an excellent effect.

So as to prevent the development of osteoarthritis prescribed drugs, which include sodium hyaluronate (restores elasticity and protective agents (regenerate processes). If simpler methods do not yield the desired effect, it is recommended to move to a more radical solution, especially if late-stage disease. Usually, experts suggest endo prosthesis of the affected joints.

It is very important to seek treatment in a timely manner, then the fight against this disease is restricted to conservative methods, otherwise, surgical intervention becomes inevitable.

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