Arthritis of the knee joint, causes, characteristics and treatment

Essentially the knee arthritis is acute or chronic inflammatory lesions of the knee joint (or joints). Arthritis of the knee joint, the disease develops very slowly. Surrounding your illness may not even notice, but you this pathology will bring very unpleasant sensation, motor activity will be limited in the knee joint will appear pain-acute, and the ability to work will be reduced. If the disease run, it may even lead to disability.

Very often people just don't know what suffering this disease or strongly postpones trip to the doctor, hoping that he feels discomfort in the knee joint is not due to developing arthritis, and other factors. Therefore, everyone must be aware of the symptoms of arthritis of the knee joint, to take the necessary measures at an early stage of the disease. Remember that to keep the joints healthy, you thanks to early diagnosis and timely treatment.

Arthritis of the knee joint can occur due to infectious diseases, injuries, regular exposure to cold, excessive physical stress on the legs and so on. What are the symptoms of knee arthritis?

First, it is a pain in the knee area. The nature of these pains is very difficult to understand. The initial form of the disease characterized by mild pain in the joints. However, pain is often exacerbated following exercise. Also the discomfort becomes stronger after the body was a long time in a state of rest, and after the change posture or a quick walk. With the development of arthritis pain become permanent.

Swelling of the joint occurs due to an inflammatory process. In addition, arthritis knee joint is often deformed.

In order to properly choose the correct method of treatment, timely diagnosis. In the treatment of arthritis of the knee joint can be used as anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, vitamins and traditional medicine. For example, a very good help compresses beer yeast and aloe juice, and alcoholic tincture of radish with honey. But in any case, during treatment it is necessary to apply an integrated approach, otherwise the process could drag on for a long time.

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