Arsenic affects the lungs of the person

Arsenic refers to chemical elements in 15 groups. A simple substance is a semimetal steel color. A well-known fact that the element has the patient toxicity, and can cause disturbances in the cardiovascular system, skin cancer, bladder, impaired consciousness and premature death. Recently opened a new harmful effects of arsenic: it is able to affect the respiratory system, namely the broncho-pulmonary system. This deviation leads to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), collagenoses lung tissue, chronic bronchitis, writes Eurek Alert.

A concentration of 120 to a billion is enough to start the development of pathology. The effect of arsenic similar to the effect of long-term Smoking and summed with him, complicating and accelerating the development of diseases of the respiratory system. Considered safe concentration of less than 19 ppb.

The concentration of one hundred particles reduces the performance of the forced breath three times in comparison with healthy people. Vital capacity is reduced six times.

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A particularly dangerous situation with arsenic is in Bangladesh. A large part of the population lives in areas with a high concentration of this substance in water. Under threat as Mexico and the United States. It is worth noting that American scientists began a series of studies designed to examine the presence of elevated concentrations of arsenic in conventional food products.

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