Arrested man, Paderewski tablets in packs of Nurofen

Since in packs medication Nurofen Plus were detected antipsychotic and antiepileptic drugs inspectors of Scotland Yard was looking for the culprit among employees producing factory. on September 24, was arrested a suspect in the substitution of the tablets.

The manufacturer of the drug firm Reckitt Benckiser beginning of mass feedback packs of Nurofen after the 26th of August in five blisters were found drugs other companies. However, analysts have estimated 250,000 packages of this painkiller is still in drugstores and in the hands of the population.

In the four boxes with the substitution was detected antipsychotic drug Quetiapine XL and the fifth were antiepileptic tablets Neurontin,Pfizer.

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A specialist from the City police Department London stated that the involvement of the suspect to sabotage still not proven conclusively.

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