Arnica is a new hero in the struggle for a perfect figure

The American national Center for Homeopathy reports about the effectiveness of Arnica for correction.

Arnica is pretty similar to the Daisy flower, which grows in the mountain regions of Europe. Homeopathic remedies and creams based on Arnica effectively cope with inflammation and are widely used in sports medicine for the rapid healing of bruises and wounds, as well as in cosmetology to obtain a clean and beautiful skin.

"Recent reports that preparations based on Arnica is widely used stars podiums for correction and cleansing of the skin, is hardly a surprise to doctors practicing alternative therapies," said Kira Sutherland, naturopath and homeopath.

Correcting the shape effect of Arnica due to the healing properties of plants: improves microcirculation, increases skin turgor, it becomes taut, besides anti-inflammatory Arnica cleanses the skin.

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All this makes the basis for a more widespread use of drugs on the basis of Arnica with the purpose of correction and combined with physical activity can be a healthy alternative to plastic surgery.

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