Army of smokers went out to defend their interests with the code

Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on health protection Tatiana Yakovleva said that under the new law to smoke in Rossi will be prohibited in public places such as elevators, offices, restaurants, medical, cultural and educational institutions, railway stations and in all forms of public transport. However, the project developers (not very severe by the way, compared with bans on Smoking in developed countries), faced a strong tobacco lobby.

Formed recently public organization, the Movement for the rights of smokers" is going to expand its campaign to fight for the rights of the smoker. The program includes a code of the smoker, which prohibits Smoking in presence of children and pregnant women. However, the main goal of this organization, formed to the same Russian cigar Union and the organization for the protection of small business, the collection of signatures against the adoption of the anti-tobacco law.

Smokers entered the field of information war, they do polls against the bill, and tobacco shops consider this harassment of small business. However, in reality, more than 90 percent of the population agree with the most restrictions, especially concerning Smoking in the workplace and places of public catering.

Valentina Matvienko has proposed to prohibit Smoking and close to a Smoking room in the walls of the building of the Federation Council as permanent break break workflow and impede the work of the state authority.

However, the Ministry and the supporters of the bill is on the common position - non-smokers should be protected from tobacco smoke, which distributes the minority. To smokers did not feel slighted, they must be equipped with special areas, Smoking with ventilation. All who wish to stop Smoking should be cared for in hospitals.

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