Area of freshness – the dirtiest place in the fridge

In most refrigerators a place for storing vegetables, fruits and salad is the most contaminated with bacteria. In the analysis, scientists have proved that in the crisper drawers can contain up to 8,000 bacteria. This figure is 750 times the safe rate of contamination of the surface, writes The Daily Mail.

In some cases, scientists have found more than hundreds of thousands of bacteria in one square centimeter of the surface of the refrigerator. Among the relatively safe flora lived pathogenic Salmonella, Listeria and bacteria from Escherichia coli group.

All the matter in the inevitable process of decay of plant food. Once the products begin to decompose, the concentration of bacteria rises to hundreds and thousands of times. Scientists recommend regular audit of the cooler from the perishable products and to comply with certain rules on maintaining cleanliness.

Note the vegetables before placing in refrigerator wash. You should frequently clean the refrigerator, wipe down the surface. At least once a month area freshness need to handle hot water with a soap solution.

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