Arctic glaciers all melt more

Environmentalists noted that on the territory of the Arctic strenuously melting glaciers. From the message source Gizmodo, researchers specializing in the field of ecology, with special equipment recorded the rapid melting of snow reserves in the territory of the pole. Available Ecological Observatory information, it follows that instead of snow lake appeared.

But researchers currently do not consider it necessary to raise panic, because this phenomenon is not yet exposed to significant harm to the North pole. In mid-spring has had record amounts of snow, the result of which appeared above the snow cover. And at the end of the spring, in the month of may, the temperature rose, and the snow began to melt. This summer at the North pole record the temperature of 1-3 degrees. In this regard, the remaining snow simply turned into water.

The melting snow in these places is not new, but scientists say that in recent years, in the summer melts more snow than freeze in the winter.

The main reason for the melting of snow is called global warming. Researchers predict that in a couple of years ice in summer will completely disappear from the Arctic ocean. For this reason, the temperature on earth will increase by another 0.6 degrees, and the water level will rise several times faster will increase drastic weather, and will have a greater probability of severe flooding, and the amount of food compared to a population decrease.

For climate change in the Arctic is responsible how quickly melting ice, which helps to find new ways for transportation of natural gas in the Russian Federation. In addition, the melting of ice has the advantage that cleared the site of the continental shelf, where it becomes possible to conduct geological research operations.

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