Arabica coffee may cease to exist

As a result of climate change sortcode Arabica, one of the most popular among consumers, in a few decades may be terminated. For this reason, several hundred thousand people around the world will have to lose their job.

The extinction of Arabica coffee may come after 80 years because of rising temperatures on the planet. No genetic counterparts will not be able to replace it with taste. The reason is that, without taking into account the heat, the blame for the destruction of coffee lies on pests and diseases.

The study, which was conducted by British scientists from the Royal Botanic Institute in collaboration with scientists from Ethiopia, proved that under the condition of fulfillment of the predictions of temperature increases the disappearance of the Arabica by 2080 will occur on a space equal to 99 percent of the occupied currently.

If the temperature of the planet will increase by a few degrees, there is a threat to the future of Arabica coffee, which will lead to the impoverishment of millions of people engaged in its cultivation and production.

According to Aaron Davis, responsible for research, in the case of the disappearance of Arabica coffee offers an alarming prospect. Scientists need to analyze the genetic code of Arabica with the aim of strengthening it.

Not only global warming, but many other factors can cause the disappearance of this coffees. First of all, this happens due to deforestation, which is held by Ethiopia and South Sudan. Also contribute to new pests and diseases, reducing bird populations, spreading the seeds of coffee.

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In the world production of this drink on Arabica coffee accounts for 60 percent. The turnover of Arabica will reach 16 billion this year. Coffee export is a key income countries such as Brazil, Sudan, Ethiopia, which, in fact, considered the birthplace of Arabica coffee.

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