Apples will help in the fight against excess weight

Scientists have discovered that the peel of the apples a lot of ursolic acid. This substance improves muscle strength and helps the body to burn extra pounds. Data were installed in experiments with laboratory mice, which postadali on fatty diet, writes The Times of India. Ursolic acid helped reduce ü the level of obesity in rodents, to prevent the development of diabetes and fatty hepatosis liver. The connection should have a similar effect on people, experts from the University of Iowa.

All the fatty tissue in the human body is divided into white and brown. White fat is the reserve slow action. They form the bulk of the fat with excess weight. Brown fat is prevalent in childhood and are able to quickly break down to produce energy and heat. It turned out that ursolic acid increases the reserves of brown fat and increases muscle strength. It helps people struggling with obesity, it is faster to defeat the disease.

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