Apple will make organ donation more accessible and more popular

Apple Corporation together with colleagues from Donate Life America has developed a mobile app that allows you to quickly register as a donor. Now, US residents can sign up for the program anywhere. The main thing that at hand was a phone and Internet access.

"After the release of iOS 10 iPhone users for the first time in history will have the opportunity to register as donors of organs and tissues directly from the application "Health". The registration process is simple and all the registration data will be directly transferred to the national Donate Life registry, administered by the organization Donate Life America. The ability to easily and quickly register in the national registry as a donor allows people to have information about the decision," say the developers in your report.

The US is now experiencing a deficit of donor material. It is possible that the introduction of modern technologies in medicine will make the donation more popular among ordinary people. Now alone in the States every hour one person dies, do not wait for a donor organ.

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