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Apple diet is a popular Wellness technique aimed at getting rid of excess weight, as well as cleansing the body of toxins.

Use Apple cider diet

Apples in the diet have complex effects on the body. A large amount of fiber and pectin in these juicy fruits helps to clean the intestines from unnecessary accumulation. While the well-balanced composition of apples to cleanse the blood of toxins, normalizes the activity of the digestive system and will result in the rate of all metabolic processes in the body. Apples contain vitamins A, PP, as well as the minerals potassium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, etc.

Present in the composition apples fructose and glucose are perfectly saturated and energize the body. Apple method of losing weight is an excellent prevention of many diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Always remember that any fruit, whatever it was useful, has an individual contraindications. So if you are allergic to apples or do not carry any of their components, it is not necessary to lose weight using this method.

In the absence of allergies and other diseases, advisable to eat apples with the skin. Because it contains 90% of all nutrients.

Buying apples for diet, preference should be given to local varieties, as imported processed chemicals and can only bring harm.

And that diet is not boring, you can always alternate the different varieties of apples, thereby introducing variety in your diet.

Now let us consider several variants of Apple methods of weight loss.

1 option only lasts three days. During this period, you can eat the apples of any sort without restrictions. Drinks are allowed only simple or meltwater.

2 version of the diet lasts for two days. During this period, allowed to eat no more than 1.5 kg of apples per day. Liquid of any kind is banned. For the entire period you can lose up to 1 kg

option 3, like the first, is designed for three days. Every day you can eat 5 large apples and drink a gallon of yogurt. Losing weight is 2 kg

4 version of the diet is the longest but also the most nutritious. Its duration is 6 days and the diet consists of apples, crackers, tea and water. In the first and sixth days are allowed to eat 1 kg of apples. In the second and fifth days of 1.5 kg In the third and fourth - 2kg in Addition to apples daily can eat 200 g of crackers and drink tea or water without restrictions.

An undeniable advantage of this diet is that it can start at any time of the year without fear for their own health. Before you start losing weight - weigh the pros and cons, and only then make a decision.

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