Now fans of revelry is where to go with a morning headache. In Australia there is a unique clinic. Its staff will help to get rid of the symptoms of a hangover in just 30 minutes. The cost of the session will be at least 140 dollars. For the money the patient will receive IV drips of painkillers and nausea drugs, injections of vitamins C and B. as a bonus – liter special mortar from dehydration, says 3News.

For $ 200 the set extends an oxygen mask and an additional liter of fluids from dehydration. This money is additionally offered to attend a group therapy session.

Experts made the criticism after learning about the opening of this medical institution. According to them, the clinic encourages young people to excessive drinking. The next step would be the hospital for drug addicts, which help to overcome the syndrome, and then go on to use drugs.

"We don't sell alcohol. We do not have drunkards who drink directly in the institution. We just work so that people can continue normal day. Our clinic is open Thursday through Monday from 6:00 to 14:00", defends its position, Max Petro, one of the founders of the clinic.

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