Appeared contact lenses that can restore vision

The University of Sheffield has made the brilliant discovery that can blow up the entire ophthalmic science. Scientists were able to develop a special contact lens with the stem cells that are able to return the person has lost his eyesight.

These lenses were supposed to be used as one of methods of treatment for physical injuries of the cornea, various genetic disorders, elimination of dry eye syndrome". If the cornea loses its transparency, the person triple vision. He needs urgent infusion of donor cornea.

Developed lenses consist of a unique biodegradable implant, comprising stem cells, capable of self-reproduction in the organ of vision of the person. This implant is created in the form of very thin frame with many "pockets" that can protect stem cells and ensure their proximity to each other. With the invention of contact lenses eliminated the need for stem cell transplantation and the donor cornea when the eye injuries and various ophthalmic pathologies.

A thin shell in the center of the implant allows the cells to gradually viewlets in the eye followed by decomposition of the composition of the lenses. Special biomaterial implant javljaetsja absolutely safe for the eye condition and health of the patient.

In laboratory studies proved the effectiveness of this technique. All subjects reported to have improved vision after two weeks of use lenses. And although the scale of this experiment is negligible, but in a short time in India we plan to conduct new clinical trials of these wonderful lenses from stem cells, which, quite possibly, in the near future will help to improve the eyesight of many people in this patients.

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