Anxiety is born in the stomach

Scientists from McMaster University made a discovery about the origin of anxiety and nervousness. In our intestine contains bacteria that controls our behavior and affect chemical reactions in the brain.

And previously it was thought that many gastrointestinal diseases cause usually people are depressed or feeling nervous anxiety. In addition, there is a perception that different mental disorders, in particular autism, can also depend on the imbalance of flora in our gut.

Dr. Michael DeGroot, published their study in the online journal "Gastroenterology". In the human intestine are more than 1000 trillion bacteria, which, however, we live in perfect harmony. Bacteria perform several vital functions: collect energy from food, protect us from infection and nourish the intestinal cells. Violation of gastrointestinal balance in some cases, can threaten human life.

DeGroot conducted an experiment on laboratory mice with antibiotics because he was disturbing the balance of bacteria in the mouse intestine and she became more relaxed. When stopping a course of antibiotics the behavior of the mouse and the balance of bacteria returned to previous levels. Also intestinal transplantation of cultures from the hectic mouse in the stomach devoid of neurotic manifestations mouse led to the fact that the second mouse has lost all signs of peace.

Thus, bacteria in the gut can control our behavior. For anybody not a secret that proper balanced diet improves overall body and mental well-being of people. Scientists continue to experiment with intestinal bacteria, and to a full disclosure of their secrets, we can recommend the food lovers not to abuse heavy fatty foods to preserve mental health.

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