Anxiety: friend or foe?

Whether the anxiety is always bad for us?

Some of us can't sleep at night staring at the ceiling while concerns fill their minds from unpaid bills to an unstable economy and concern for the health of loved ones. We know that when a person feels anxious, he does not feel well.

Stress causes the heart to beat faster, your palms sweat, and the feelings are mixed - for most of us, anxiety can be both mental and physical load. And when the voltage of our personal, family and working life begins to grow, we can get into a state of chronic anxiety, in which the stress never seems to end.

Researchers emphasize the understanding of stress as a complex, but still managed call the nervous system, can turn anxiety into profits . As an example - especially passionate game actor, for example, or record the performance of the athlete. But if we feel helpless and unable to cope with stress, anxiety becomes more dangerous that only causes harm to the body.

The answer is not to just stop worrying. Rather, it is important to learn ways of managing this condition . "Anxiety in itself is neither useful nor harmful," says Dr. Sally Winston from the Institute of Maryland.

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