Ants, like humans, suffer from loneliness

Experts from Lausanne University proved that loneliness affects not only the higher animals, but mere insects, such as ant-borers. Scientists looked at what happens to individuals in complete isolation.

Insects were divided into several groups. In the first group was 10 ants, the second two, the third group of ants was alone. The behavior of the experimental animals was recorded by the camera.

Scientists have found ants in isolation lived just 6 days, whereas the presence of the company extends the life of up to 66 days. Interestingly, the life of the ant along with the larva also gave the result is the duration in this group was 22-29 days.

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The results of the study indicate the importance of the social dimension in the lives of all living organisms. Even the most simplest at the genetic level inherent tendency to form colonies, to say nothing of more complex animals.

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