Antiseptics for hand protects against the FLU

Scientists conducted a study and argue that the disinfectant for hands reduces the incidence of Influenza more than twice.

Everyone knows that acute respiratory viral infection can be transmitted not only being in the same room with someone who is coughing and sneezing patients, but also through the "dirty" hands. The virus may well save their activity within 48 hours, getting on the input pens, notes, Elevator buttons, and ATMs. In this regard, epidemiologists strongly recommend in season morbidity wash hands thoroughly with soap wherever there is opportunity.

Many of the recommendations contain alternative to hand washing - use disinfectant hand tools that typically comes in the form of volatile mineral gel. The experts decided to test the effectiveness and validity of this alternative.

The study was conducted in five schools of Pittsburgh. More than three thousand children were divided into groups - the first group in addition to the standard handwashing used disinfectants, the second group had clean hands only by the conventional method, washing out hands with soap under running water.

Researchers have been proven effective prevention of INFLUENZA a hand sanitizer - episodes laboratory confirmed INFLUENZA decreased by 52%.

Hand sanitizers can be an important addition to the program for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections is the findings of scientists who conducted the study.

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