Antiperspirants change the microflora of the underarm – the experts

Regular use of hygiene products can disrupt the microflora underarms, experts say. The science group from State and Central universities North Carolina Museum of natural Sciences North Carolina, Rutgers University and Duke University conducted a study involving 17 people. Each subject used deodorant or antiperspirant. Control group any funds not used, says Science World Report.

For eight days, researchers collected swabs from the armpits of volunteers. People used deodorants and antiperspirants in various modes, however, the study was able to identify some patterns.

The periodic use of hygiene products (about once a week) decreased the number of bacteria in the armpits. Regular use of deodorants significantly increased the number of bacteria compared with the group that didn't use tools. Scientists believe that antiperspirants and deodorants can modify the microflora of the underarm. However, it is not clear how this is useful or harmful.

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