Antifungal agent increases the incidence of influenza

Modern drug amphotericin B is a traditional remedy for the treatment of fungal infection. It turns out that this tool can increase the incidence of influenza, reports the BBC. Scientists have found that amphotericin interfere with the immune system and suppresses its protective function.

It is known that IFITM3 protein enhances the protective properties of the organism against infections caused by influenza virus. An experiment conducted on mice showed that the decrease in the concentration of this protein was significantly increased chance of developing acute respiratory infections. Rats suffered from fever, was marked by a strong intoxication syndrome. Further study showed that the drug, which overcomes fungi, reduces the level of protein in the blood by its destruction.

At the moment, do not know the mechanism of protein denaturation antifungal drug, but this pattern, say the scientists, is obvious. Especially dangerous is the use of these drugs in people with weakened immune systems. So, fighting one infection, you can easily get the rapid development of the other.

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