Antidepressants lead to weight gain and diabetes

It turned out that people who use funds from depression, have additional risk in the occurrence of diabetes type II and obesity, BBC reported, citing a study by the University of Southampton. While scientists cannot determine what exactly causes this pathology: do antidepressants increase the risk of diabetes or indirect influence factors.

Analysis of 22 scientific papers allows to draw conclusions about what the doctors are obliged to follow the group of patients who used antidepressants. This group should not fall under medical supervision. When the first signs of diabetes, you need to start implementing measures to reduce sugar. This disease leads to a variety of pathologies, including encephalopathy and gangrene of the feet and legs.

Scientists propose to carry out a simple and effective screening test for sugar in the blood to the entire population. This test will help you to suspect diabetes and assign antidiabetic treatment.

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