Antidepressants against senile dementia: who will win?

Common antidepressant may slow development in the brain degenerative changes, provoking memory loss and dementia. This is indicated by the results of the work of researchers from the University of Loyola. 30 people with severe depression and 27 healthy people in the experiment received ESCITALOPRAM, an antidepressant typical, says Zee News.

One of the reactions of the brain to the depression – inflammation. In the matter of the brain are formed toxic compounds, avivausa neurons. Depression, according to research, greatly increases the risk of dementia. Scientists measured the levels of nine common markers of brain inflammation in healthy people and patients with depression. Indices of markers in the study, the experts tried to change the appointment of the antidepressant.

10 volunteers abandoned the experiment due to side effects of ESCITALOPRAM. The remaining 20 patients with depression drug has helped: partially or fully. Also lower markers of inflammation of the brain, which indicates a positive effect from the medicine.

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