Antibiotics from blindness turned out to be twice as effective

Used to treat dangerous eye infections azithromycin was also effective when using only six months, when using the whole year. One dose of the drug, it turns out, may be sufficient for two patients.

- One dose of medicine can heal more people, it will significantly reduce the cost of mass treatment, " says study author ophthalmologist Bruce Gaynor from the University of California Francis Ford.

All over the world about 41 million people infected with trachoma, which leads to blindness 8 million people due to the lack of treatment, in particular because of the lack of funds for treatment in poor countries.

The researchers conducted the experiment in the treatment of trachoma in Ethiopia, because there is the highest prevalence of the disease. In 24 communities people were treated according to two methods: 12 villages were given azithromycin every 6 months, and another 12 - every 12 months. In both groups the level of infection decreased dramatically. Regardless of the method of treatment the incidence has declined by 40 percent.

Trachoma is transmitted through touching the eye or nose in close contact with infected, it easily spreads through the towel, clothes, or even flies.

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