Antibiotic remedy for obesity

American scientists have concluded that antibiotics reduce the beneficial microflora in the human gut, which in turn leads to weight problems and, ultimately, obesity.

Antibacterial drugs are first tested on mice, some rodents adhered to the normal pace of life, the part has received an increased amount of antibiotics. The second group soon began to rapidly gain weight.

Confirm opening and Danish scientists, who decided to monitor the health of 28 thousand babies. It turned out that ate children take antibiotics for six months, they in the first seven years likely to gain weight, even if their parents are not inclined to corpulence.

To date, the indications for antibiotics often write possible side effects such as dizziness or nausea, but never indicate their impact on a person's weight. What is surprising, because farmers often "treated" with antibiotics the animals plan to fatten, to send to the slaughter.

Revealed that people often take antibiotics have reduced levels of T-ofmotion, and as you know, very low T-lipochito have and people suffering from obesity.

In addition microflora that destroy antibiotics, not only helps us to keep the right balance of weight, but also protects against cancer. So if you have the opportunity, try to treat cold alternative means.

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