Anti-cellulite massage - the struggle on all fronts

Cellulite is a problem that is familiar to most women. Uneven skin surface, subtle at first, over time, begins to resemble a loose dough, covered with pits and bumps. One of the most effective ways to deal with this lack - manual anti-cellulite massage.

Massage instead of a scalpel

Anti-cellulite massage refers to a complex procedure to get rid of cellulite at all stages of its development. Based on special techniques, this massage is not only copes with the problem of bumpy skin, but also helps get rid of excess fat in problem areas Held by all the rules and experienced, a course of massage treatments effect on symptoms of cellulite and internal causes of its occurrence. To them, first of all, are irregularities in the trunk of blood and lymphatic vessels caused by physical inactivity, overweight, malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, hormonal imbalance and frequent stress. Spastic blood and lymphatic vessels cause of impaired circulation in the small vessels. The flow of oxygen to the tissues is inhibited and, as a consequence, they form dense mounds of fat.

Pleasure with benefit

Compatible for use massage is based on the complex variety of techniques aimed at solving specific problems:

Stroking. Improves circulation in the capillaries.

Kneading. Activates circulation and redox processes. Stimulating the receptors of the muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons, kneading significantly improves peripheral neuromuscular apparatus.

The vibration. Smoothes the skin and helps cleanse the tissues of toxins.

The rolling. Stimulates metabolic processes in tissues. With this technique a small area of the skin is clamped my fingers and rolled in the form of a roller in an upward direction.

NIPs. Have a intense effect on subcutaneous fat layer.

The grips. Promote better blood flow in vessels and improve the structure of the connective fibers of the fabric.

Squeezing. Tones muscle fibers.

The pats. Consist t of a series of shocks of varying intensity of light and strong enough. They have been applied his knuckles, compressed in a fist. With a light Pat on the vessels dilate, and when intensity is first narrowed and then dramatically, providing increased blood flow to the appropriate area.

The alchemy shop

Action anti-cellulite massage is enhanced applications of special oils. One of the most effective recognized oil Spanish brand ALQVIMIA (Alchemy). Included in the means sweet almond oil and essential oils of lemon, juniper, cypress, rosemary, increase blood circulation, eliminate stagnation of lymph, thereby helping to strengthen the skin and smoothing of the terrain.

Goodbye cellulite

Course manual anti-cellulite massage consists of 10 - 15 procedures. To strengthen and consolidate its effect on long term successfully apply related techniques and tools:

* lymphatic drainage massage,

* mesotherapy,

* hardware vacuum massage LPG,

* fitness massage

* lipolytic and anti-cellulite body wraps ( from ALQVIMIA and Laboratoires Thalgo Cosmetic,France)

* hardware method of correction and lifting the soft tissues of Butyric,

* infrared sauna.

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