Anthrax nearly struck 84 of American scientists

Critically dangerous situation registered in America. In one of the laboratories 84 scientists almost had contracted anthrax.

And laboratory of Atlanta have been violated safety standards work with the pathogen. This has led to the theoretically possible contact laboratory personnel with the anthrax bacterium. The initial number of potentially exposed people amounted to 75 people, the list is now expanded to 84 laboratory staff.

The risk is minimal, however, the causative agent of anthrax (bacterium Yersinia pestis) is extremely dangerous and requires monitoring when any, even the slightest contact with the bacterium.

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Anthrax is a highly dangerous infection that affects animals and humans. It is distinguished by the speed of flow, high mortality and rapid spread. Sick man falls into a feverish state with severe intoxication, develops inflammation of the skin, lymph nodes are found in intestinal and pulmonary form of anthrax.

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