Anorexia - causes, symptoms, treatment

Anorexia is a disease that is increasingly common in modern society. Not taken seriously by the disease, treating it only as a temporary phenomenon: it seems that the patient is anorexic at any time when you want to be able to defeat this ailment. However, this is not the case. Anorexia is recognized as a serious mental disorder that can lead to irreversible consequences in the body of the patient.

Causes of anorexia:

Often anorexia develops in young girls who strive to imitate their idols. Causes of anorexia become psychological problems, rejection of his reflection in the mirror, continuing dissatisfaction with appearance.

Symptoms and signs of anorexia

The patient with anorexia will never recognize his problem. In that sense, the disease can be compared to alcoholism - even suffering from the maximum depletion seems that is no problem and you would still lose weight. The first bell of the development of anorexia should serve as a lack of hunger. Even during harsh restrictions on food the body does not give signals to the brain about hunger.

It is a mistake to assume that patients with anorexia completely limit yourself to food. There are cases when people have a lot, and then artificially causing the vomiting. Such actions often lead to the development of bulimia.

Depression and insomnia are also constant companions anorexia. Irritability, frequent mood swings, aggression, panic and fear to gain even 100g weight - all this serves the patient constantly.

Treatment of anorexia.

You need to understand that the disease will not pass by itself. In the absence of proper treatment in the body will occur irreversible changes that can result in death.

The complexity of the treatment is that patients deny their illness, so without the assistance of a qualified psychologist can not do. Because the disease has psychological causes, treatment success is impossible without the support of relatives and friends of the patient. If someone in your family suffers from anorexia, give up the cult of food in your house, try to eat correctly and balanced by example. If the patient is completely refuses to eat because of a lack of appetite, ask him liquid food. It can be smoothies, liquid soup, milk, honey and other nutritional products. In no event it is impossible to make and actively to persuade the patient to eat, you will further alienate him from his meal. These measures, of course, is not enough, when anorexia appeal to professionals is mandatory. Remember, anorexia is a serious disease.

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