Animal products lead to disturbances in the regulation of sugar

Scientists and doctors believe that the secret to a long and healthy life imprisoned in several factors. You must take time to exercise, keep moving right and rational to eat. A balanced diet is a great factor that regulates the metabolic processes of the body in the desired direction.

Not so long ago scientists have discovered the fact that they were strongly excited. It turns out that the constant consumption of meat products can adversely affect metabolism. In particular, this can lead to disturbances in the regulation of carbohydrates and sugars. This factor is one of the main reasons for the development of diabetes of the second type, which was confirmed by the global study, which involved more than 60 thousand women. The nature of this disease lies in the acidity of the food, reports The Indian Express.

High acidity foods diet is unfavorable factor. It leads to chronic acidosis. Acid-base balance is constantly biased towards acids, which negatively affects the functioning of the digestive and other systems. Especially affects the pancreas, which produces insulin. This compound converts carbohydrates and is responsible for their metabolism. Increased acidity reduces its activity, and it is not able to utilize sugar. This leads to the increase of their concentration in blood and other consequences.

This study, conducted by experts, consisted in the observation of more than 66 thousand women. For 14 years, scientists have discovered 1372 case of diabetes of the second type. The high acidity and a half times increased risk of developing this disease.

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