Angina prophylaxis and features of disease

Sore throat is a disease, more typical autumn days, however, if you eat a lot of ice cream in the summer, too, can suffer. Inflammation of the infection in the throat - tonsillitis, faced another Greek physicians, however, the name of angina of Latin origin ("anger" to strangle, to compress). Inflammation of the tonsils causes the initially sharp, severe pain, and then a temperature of about 40 °C, leading to headache, weakness. In some patients there is an increase in lymph nodes. Despite the short duration of the disease, a visit to the doctor immediately. Angina is dangerous because it can cause complications. In addition to laryngeal edema, inflammation, bleeding from the tonsils, the most dangerous sepsis is a blood infection. Before going to the doctor, hourly rinse the throat with a weak salt solution. You should also have a separate utensils, hygiene items, due to the infectivity of the disease, transmitted by airborne droplets. Treatment mainly is with antibiotics. The food at the time of treatment should be fortified. Don't drink with spicy, hot and rough food to avoid injury to the throat. To prevent complications by using herbal mouthwashes, chewing propolis, lemon. The good effect gives a decoction of rose petals, raspberry jam. The only thing to consider is the portability of the body of drugs that can cause an allergic reaction. Angina is more a disease of children than adults. Out of hundreds, six at least once ached. A child who has low immunity are more prone to relapse. To experiment with self-medication is strictly prohibited, only a doctor can determine the severity and prescribe the right treatment. To angina cannot be taken lightly. As the prevention of disease, pay attention to strengthening the immune system. It is the main barrier, inhibiting infection in the body. Observe the correct mode of leisure and work, power, akalaitis. Eliminate from the diet of alcohol, often ventilate the premises. Bad habits, of course destroy the immune system, they are also best avoided. Adhering to these guidelines, you can protect yourself from many diseases, including angina. If, for some reason managed to get sick, your body is much faster to cope with the virus and thereby shorten the recovery period after illness. Healthy life is the key to your strong immune system!

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