Anesthesia in pediatric patients is the prevention of mental disorders in a child

Scientists have proven that the pain experienced by a newborn baby, has a negative impact on the processes governing the perception of stress. It is this fact that has prompted scientists to a more detailed study of anesthesia in the treatment of childhood diseases. The use of certain anesthetics will protect children in the future from increased excitability, increase resistance to stress, according to Science Daily, referring to the publication of Anne Murphy (University of Georgia).

Scientists have noted that a large number of children are born prematurely and spend in intensive care for up to a month. During this period they undergo many painful procedures, most of which are performed without anesthesia.

Murphy, together with the research team conducted a study on laboratory rats. The influence of stress and pain was studied in newborn rat pups. It was found that the brain responds especially strongly on these factors, it is in the newborn age. Continuous exposure to stress at this age commits a connection in the brain that in the future leads to reduced resistance of the brain to different influences. In the result, the child may be too irritable and susceptible to pain.

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