Anembryonic: coincidence or sentence?

Today in our country, about 20% of pregnant women are at risk at the next reception of the gynecologist to hear the terrible diagnosis - anembryonic. This usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, but in some cases it is possible that at a later time. What anembryonic? What are its causes and consequences? Let us look at this issue.

Anembryonic (frozen pregnancy) is abnormality in fetal development. Simply put, it is the lack of fruit in the fertilized egg (egg without yolk) or stop its development in the early period. The most common cause of this anomaly is considered poor genetic material, i.e., abnormal sperm or the egg. This cause is diagnosed in approximately 80% of such cases.

Pathology of the oocyte and sperm, in turn, often due to bad habits (Smoking, taking alcohll and drugs), infections or poor environment. However, healthy genetic material is not a guarantee of a favorable course of pregnancy. In this case, anembryonic can be triggered by, for example, an acute viral disease, women in the earliest stages of pregnancy. The fact that the strong increase body temperature at the time of such diseases in a woman's body can be created unfavorable conditions for the development of the fetus, which may lead to his death.

Usually anembryonic does not show itself and can be detected only by ultrasound. In rare cases, possible miscarriage or spotting that talk about the body's attempts to get rid of pathogenic element.

Method of treatment of missed abortion one is its liquidation. Depending on the duration of pregnancy, the doctor-gynecologist decides to provoke miscarriage medication or, at a later time to do the scraping of the uterine cavity. After the elimination of missed abortion some time continuing medical treatment. Usually the doctor prescribes antibiotics and drugs that activates the contractile activity of the uterus.

Usually anembryonic - single phenomenon, i.e. following the pregnancy is progressing normally and ends with childbirth. But in some cases this problem can be repeated several times. To avoid this, after the treatment is usually administered a survey to identify the reasons for such anomalies in this pair. If the examination is not offered, it makes sense to go it alone.

In any case, anembryonic - not a sentence, but it is to solve a medical problem and with the right approach a year after this trouble a woman can be pregnant and have a healthy baby.

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