Anaplasmosis: causes, symptoms and treatment

This disease often occurs in women of different ages, and sometimes it can be known only after the next checkup. It does not affect health, and it can be detected already at an advanced stage. It all starts with infection named the same as the disease. Many people wonder how is ureaplasmosis? This disease is transmitted sexually, and in addition, the mother may become infected and the baby as it passes through the birth canal.

Very often the symptoms of this disease are similar to the symptoms of various inflammations of infectious character. You can often see transparent meager selection, strong or dragging pain, and pain during urination. Very often, many people do not pay attention to it, though, if these symptoms are present together or separately, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Advanced disease in women may cause serious inflammation of the internal and external genital organs. Another sad result is not treated in time the disease is infertility or complications during child bearing.

How to treat a ureaplasmosis?

Primary weapon against anaplasmosis is antibiotics and other treatments that are prescribed by a doctor. Tablets, suppositories or injections will help to cleanse the body, but the pathogens are capable of mutation and can adapt to antibiotics, so antibiotics should be few and at a certain stage of their shift.

Now change traditional doxycyline came other, more effective antibiotics, such as vilprafen or Sumamed. In addition to the delivery of the basic analysis is often conducted studies that reveal a resistance to a particular antibiotic. Most importantly, the treatment was completed, cannot quit drinking, drugs, or the recovery will never come.

After finishing the entire course of treatment must ensure that the disease is gone completely. For this purpose, to appoint women passing urine for bacterial culture test three times. If even one of them is positive, treatment should be resumed. In pregnant women the presence of a ureaplasmosis is considered a very serious risk to a child's development, but now is made a lot of new generation antibiotics, which will not harm either the mother or the baby.

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Anaplasmosis can appear in people, leading a promiscuous sexual life and changing partners. In addition, it is important to use personal protective equipment, which can become a barrier to the transmission of many infectious diseases.

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