Analysis of saliva established: when a kiss is transferred DNA fragments

When a passionate kiss man passes to his partner not only all kinds of bacteria and saliva, but a fragment of its genetic code. However, it does not matter how long it took for a kiss, but foreign DNA remains in the mouth for at least an hour. Thus, this gives you the opportunity to prove adultery or rape.

The head of this study, the results of which are published in the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics" is Natalia Kamadeva, which together with their colleagues from Comenius University in Slovakia, has selected 12 pairs of volunteers who agreed to kiss for at least two minutes. Then, with different time intervals, which amounted to 5, 10 minutes, half hour and hour, the researchers took the women's saliva for analysis. By using the amplification in saliva were found fragments of male genetic code. Scientists have not yet established a maximum duration of preservation of DNA fragments that are going to do in the future. In addition, they are interested in whether the DNA in the saliva sample taken from the corpse.

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