An overabundance of vitamins dangerous for women

Vitamin pills can do more harm than good, a new study by scientists from the University of Minnesota in the United States proved that the overabundance of vitamins and minerals is detrimental to health.

The researchers studied more than 38,000 women who participated in a large-scale study that began in 1986. The study began when the participants were aged 62 years.

After making the results of amendments to various adverse factors, the researchers found that taking supplements, the risk of death during the study increased by 2 to 4 percent compared with women not taking.

Consumers should reconsider its attitude towards vitamin supplements, and to place greater emphasis on a healthy diet. The risk of death associated with a large number of multivitamins, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper.

From 12769 women who took multivitamins, 40.8 percent died before 2008, while among those not taking them died 39, 8 percent. An increased risk of mortality may be associated with a high concentration of compounds in supplements. Excessive intake of minerals and vitamins casts doubt on the idea that vitamins are safe for people and improve their health.

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