An excessive amount of sugar can cause the development of cardiovascular diseases

Diet, characterized by the presence in the diet of large amounts of sugar can create serious preconditions for the development of a number of diseases vessels and the heart. This is due to the increase in the concentration of lipids in the blood and increase the number of adipose tissue in the structure of the liver

For studies on this topic were selected by a group of male volunteers with high or low fat content in liver tissues.

Participants for the twelve weeks were asked to stick to a diet with high (about six hundred and fifty calories of sugar daily) and correspondingly, low in sugar (not more than one hundred forty calories from sugar per day).

The results showed that the organisms in those who consumed a lot of sugar, identified marked changes in the metabolism of fat.

Moreover, the risk of developing the above diseases (as well as the number of fat cells in the structure of the liver) was increased in healthy men with a small amount of fat in the liver who consumed a lot of sugar and their metabolism has gained similarity with the metabolism of those suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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