An effective vaccine against meningitis obtained Chilean scientists

The new vaccine appeared at the disposal of pediatricians. This vaccine provides reliable protection against the most common forms of meningitis, which affected mainly children. The new vaccine is different from the vaccine currently existing that has a broader spectrum of activity, reported by BBC.

Experts from the University of Chile was established: the vaccine is a new type of 4CMenB works against the strain of meningitis. This type of infection is a provocateur inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Get this miracle vaccine was made by analysis of the genetic structure of thousands of strains, finding common patterns, which in future can become a target for vaccines.

The vaccine has been tested on children age category from 11 to 17 years of age (previously this development was successfully tested on small children). About 60% or more of cases of bacterial meningitis character in Chile accounted for the strain. And two doses of vaccine was sufficient for 100 percent protection. Experts urge to include a new vaccine in the vaccination program of the EU and the USA.

Despite the encouraging results of the tests, the researchers till now do not know, against many strains of the vaccine can save. It is also unclear whether they will be able to prevent the transfer of bacteria. It should be said that the vaccine can still be considered as a real breakthrough, because a similar tool to create a challenge. Bacteria are in a constant state of mutation, adapt, and structure is most similar to neural cells.

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