An ankle brace for the prevention of damage

American journal of sports medicine The American Journal of Sports Medicine reported that the ankle brace lace-up can significantly reduce the frequency of injuries of the corresponding joint in basketball players of both sexes. The result of their research was the confirmation of the great efficiency of the bandage, regardless of whether the person such injury previously.

One of the best researchers, Ph.D. Timothy A. Machin from the University of Wisconsin-Madison said that their goal was to find a way to reduce the number of injuries in basketball, and because the ankle - professionally traumatic place athlete, considerable attention was directed to his defense.

Injuries of the ankle joint, most often occurring in basketball and similar sports, occur due to a sudden stop when driving on the field, and can include sprains and fractures. The objects of research were 1460 basketball two sexes, aged from 13 to 18 years and representing 46 universities from across the United States.

The athletes were divided into two groups - with the band and without him. There were 78 cases of injuries of the ankle joint, many of which were quite difficult and dangerous. Simultaneously, none of the subjects who wore the brace has not received such injuries, despite the emergence of dangerous moments. The maximum that was earned - a few bruises, but it does not go to any comparison with the volume of potential threats.

Even in spite of such promising findings, some authors believe that the feasibility of using an ankle brace is not yet fully understood and requires further research. Although in General, the results speak for themselves: is it better to get a dislocation or a small stroke, which will be forgotten in a couple of days?

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