An active lifestyle is tantamount to sports training

Many people do not exercise, citing the fact that there is no time for training. But this is just an excuse. Conducted by researchers of the study found that even a short, but intense workout benefit. Such training may include cleaning the house, cleaning the yard from snow, Hiking to and from work. All of the above and not only that, in fact, can be considered a workout, but just in case, if any of these classes a day spent at least half an hour.

Scientists from the University of Oregon in the United States conducted an analysis of information regarding physical activity, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol more than six thousand people in the age group from 18 to 85 years. According to the conditions of the experiment, all participants at least 10 hours daily wore the accelerometer - a device that measures physical activity. In addition, the participants were taken blood for analysis of cholesterol and glucose, measured the circumference around the waist, measured weight and calculated body mass index.

As it turned out, 43 percent of the volunteers during the day were active for 10 minutes and less. And only 10 percent of the participants spent their day in a proactive manner that is fully consistent with the requirements about the intensity of physical exercise. According to these requirements, the person must engage in vigorous activity at least 150 minutes weekly. The part of the participants, which led an active lifestyle, differed smaller values of glucose and cholesterol in the blood, as well as less weight and faster metabolic processes in the body.

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