Americans will warn about new side effects of drugs Merck

According to Agence France-Presse, the us Supervisory authorities have reported side effects of drugs, endangering people's health. Produces these drugs pharmaceutical company Merck.

Since 1992, the U.S. was allowed to use the drug "proscar" and in 1997, the first year - "Propecia". The basis of the listed drug is finasteride, blocks the production of testosterone - the male sex hormone. "Proscar" is used as a remedy benign prostatic hyperplasia. "Propecia" helps to restore the hairline, i.e. assist with baldness.

After these preparations began to be marketed drugs, residents of America who are taking these drugs, it was noted the manifestation of undesirable side effects not mentioned in the instructions. Many of the patients claimed that there is a decrease in libido, remaining at the termination of reception, impaired ejaculation.

The FDA ordered Merck to specify the missing information about the detected action of the drugs.

In addition, the Supervisory Agency, it was decided to specify in the instructions to preparations a warning that the quality of sperm decreases during the reception and returns to normal after the medication is cancelled.

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Health workers have been given a recommendation for informing patients about side effects listed above, at the time of administration of drugs, which are based on finasteride.

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