Americans will not smoke cigarettes with the "horror stories" on packs

The appeals court in Washington ruled that the U.S. government may not require tobacco companies placed on the packs of cigarettes photos that demonstrate the dangers of Smoking, according to "Interfax". Judge Janice Roger brown assured the U.S. government exceeds its authority, thus affecting smokers. She stressed that there is no guarantee that pictures of tumors, amputated limbs and other troubles associated with the use of nicotine, will help to reduce the number of American smokers.

The result of the court meeting was the decision that the authorities of the USA exceed their powers, trying to force smokers to give up their bad habits.

Recall that the U.S. government soon had planned to introduce a law requiring tobacco companies mandatory placement on the packages of their products "scary" pictures - effects of nicotine use. However, tobacco companies have filed a counterclaim, arguing that such a law violates freedom of speech.

However, worldwide, the government continued to restrict tobacco lobby. For example, in Australia in December will come into force the law on the sale of cigarettes in the same packs, no symbol of the brand, but with terrible images of the effects of Smoking.

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Such restrictions intend to enter the dominion of Canada, Norway, the UK, India and New Zealand. This spring, for such measures was made by the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko.

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